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We advise clients on a wide range of complex civil and commercial disputes and out-of-court settlement proceedings. Clients will always try to reduce their risk of litigation as this may negatively impact their businesses. We work with our clients to prevent any disputes or to settle them with the best possible outcome.

We act for plaintiffs and defendants in court, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings. We also advise debtors and secured and unsecured creditors in reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings. Our litigators support our M&A lawyers, in the due diligence investigation for acquisitions of businesses and in the handling of claims related to acquisitions.

Payment Collection Services

We provide payment collection services to companies and financial institutions. Our lawyers are specialized in complex situations and are well seasoned in negotiation, dispute resolution and in structuring creative legal solutions. To minimize costs, we prioritize out-of-court debt collection efforts through negotiations with debtors.

We have experience advising in the drafting and negotiation of payment agreements that generally include special guarantees for payment, such as promissory notes, acknowledgements of debt, and securities of various types such as, pledges and mortgages. If debt collection negotiation efforts fail, we advise our clients on whether to file a court claim considering the solvency of the debtor and its payment capacity if faced with an adverse judgment. This way, we prevent the client from incurring court costs that may not be recovered.

To support our payment collection services, we have a network of correspondent law firms across the whole territory of Argentina, and in Latin America.

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